Be happy. Lose weight.
In that order.

Be happy.
Lose weight.
In that order.

The specialist weight loss plan putting wellness before weight.

Be happy. Lose weight. In that order.

What is Simplyweight?

It’s a holistic and evidence-based weight loss solution that is easy to use and flexible enough for the busiest of us. Our medical experts have distilled their decades of real clinical experience to create a plan that combines the art of portion control, fitness, psychology and endocrinology.

Our unique approach helps you to understand your own body and mind, erase old die-hard habits and reprogramme your behaviour and hunger patterns. This results in sustained, long-term weight loss and alleviates chronic weight-related conditions like Type 2 diabetes. All of this can take place without feeling overwhelming as we plan to stick with you for an entire year!

That’s right. Gone are the days where we fall for fad diets and programmes that promise the world in a short time. It most likely took much longer to gain the weight, so why are we punishing our poor bodies so harshly with quick fixes, deprivation and undue stress? Although we have seen many impressive results in a short period of time, that’s not satisfying enough for us. We want you to keep the weight off and be happy 1 year, 5 years, 10 years down the line. So we’re taking a slow and steady path to success, teaching valuable tools that will liberate you and hopefully stay with you forever.

Just a few of the many benefits…

Master the art of portion control

Get personalised portion recommendations to help you feel full and nourished without strict calorie counting, weighing food or going hungry. That’s freedom.

Guided meditations & soundscapes

Instil peace and positivity during challenging times. Change your thought patterns with affirmations and cognitive behavioural techniques.

Fun & simple home workouts

Improve your fitness level wherever you are. Short of time? We even have 5-min workouts!

Join a private community group

Discuss the latest lessons and articles with other members or share your wins and challenges for support from a like-minded group.

Get invited to specialist webinars

Learn lots and get your burning questions answered at these deeply insightful expert webinars.

Preview of Simpeace meditations
Preview of the user dashboard
Preview of Simaktiv workouts
The best thing about our plan is that the benefits heavily outweighs the cost. We wanted to offer something of high value that is accessible to many people. This means you’ll be getting an entire YEAR of our plan for just £130!

Real Stories

7/10 members felt their mindset had changed so much that weight loss became a secondary goal.
9/10 members seek our help after attempting 2 or more major weight loss plans.

All things weight

Obesity may lead to Dementia

Obesity may lead to Dementia

With the increasing prevalence of obesity there is an increase in incidence of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer and other medical problems including depression. There is now evidence to show

Buy Weight Loss Medication

Weight loss medication can support you on your journey if prescribed safely and with support from qualified healthcare professionals. To request medication, simply fill out our online health screening consultation and get approved to purchase Saxenda® or Ozempic® from a UK licensed pharmacy, together with online support from us!

Get Ozempic® or Saxenda® prescribed
by a UK licensed pharmacy

Get Ozempic® or Saxenda® prescribed by a UK licensed pharmacy

Ozempic® from £170 per pen

*Simplyweight's Online Weight Loss Plan includes these
fantastic features worth over hundreds of £'s: