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Read about our members' successes and get inspired!*

I want to prove to you that I can succeed

"I know I haven't been keeping in touch constantly. It is not that I have given up but that I want to prove to you that I can succeed not just in weight loss but regarding my capabilities & career having the confidence to succeed without putting constant pressure on myself. I am pleased to announce I have gained a massive promotion (thanks to you Dr Raj  & kala for building my confidence!) Don't get me wrong there are times that I panic but the sim happy calms me to put things into perspective I feel amazing. Thank you You have been amazing. There are not many people that are so kind to give their time & expertise for free or very little payment. Don't get me wrong I am still on a journey but in a totally different place than where we started which seems so long ago, I don't even recognise myself. Comments have been past about me are-  standing tall,talking confidently having leadership presence. All thanks to you Kind regards

Donna x


We thought it would all be about diet

If you are looking for a weight loss programme we highly recommend this one, you won’t get better help as you have easy access to a very experienced, motivational and sincere team who will ensure you succeed.   When we first started on the Simply Weight journey we thought it would all be about diet but it is so much more. From the beginning it became clear that we needed help on an emotional level as well as the weight issues as these were really affecting our family life and relationships.    We have never been on a plan where it wasn’t just counting calories and exercising and addressing the psychological issues as well has been the most successful part of the process. It has not only given us both confidence and positivity and has brought us back together as a family. You really don’t realise how much the weight issues make you unhappy and in turn push away those closest to you. We have just had the most enjoyable and carefree family holiday

Julie and Emma Oliver, Hull


I lost 3 stone in 3 months with simplyweight

Before joining simplyweight I used to struggle to do regular activities such as walking and swimming. My diabetes was also getting worse with time. I knew something had to be done. The specialist team at simplyweight helped me physically, emotionally and psychologically to overcome my barriers. I have now lost 3 stone in 3 months and improved my diabetes too! I also feel more confident and fitter in my smaller clothes.

Ravi M, Chennai


How lucky I was to be referred to your clinic

Can I say how lucky I was to be referred to your clinic. I had tried to lose weight myself. My own GP sent me to their own surgery's clinic. All they ever did was weigh me and showed me a picture of a plate divided into portion sizes ! Then I asked if I could be referred to the hospital to see about weight loss surgery. That's when I met you. From our first consultation, you promised me that you would help me. And thanks to you, I have lost over 7 stone with out surgery*. You told me it would take hard work on my part. But if I put in the work, you would support me and guide me in the right direction. I was desperate for your help. But instead of just going through the motions, you put in the time and effort to help me lose weight without surgery. Everyone wants to know how I have done it. And I tell them it's thanks to your team and me. Without your help I would still be struggling. I truly don't know how I can say thank you enough. But thank you. Kind regards

Steven L, Yorkshire


I have lost 12kg in 3 months*. Thanks simplyweight!

I have lost 12kg in 3 months* and I can fit into my smallest clothes which I haven’t worn since I had my children. Thanks  simply weight!

Annabelle, London


I lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks*

Joining simplyweight, I lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks*. I am absolutely thrilled, absolutely amazing. I have never lost so much weight in all my life. This programme has inspired me. Whenever I go for shopping, it feels simportion is sat on my shopping trolley, telling me, what to buy and how much. I can't thank you enough....   

J.Hinchcliffe, Wakefield


Lost weight and now very confident

I have been through several weight plans and spent several thousand pounds. I ahev always lost weight to reagin it back again and much more. I have tried low carb, high protein diets, tablets from doctor and internet ,which do not help in the long run. For the first time I have realised the reason for eating more. I now do not emotionally eat. I am happy and confident. I am starting to lose weight slowly.But most importantly i do not feel I am ona diet. So every day in the morning i donot get stressed. I now go to all the parties and socialise.............Heather, London



Team work helped me lose weight

I have tried dieting, going to gym, having shakes and some weight loss pills. After joining simplyweight I realised unless all aspects are looked into you do nt keep your weight off. I was advised by dietitian, hormone doctor, motivational expert and a fitness trainer. This helped me understand my hunger pattern, I also understood why I did not lose weight after I had lost some weight initially. I feel every one needs team of experts to lose weight permenantly. Most importantly I have realised weight loss is not just about eating less and going to gym. I now like myself and I am happy.   I strongly recomend people with weight problem to join this plan*

Sarah B, Leicester


Weight loss after treating night eating syndrome

I could never lose weight even though i tried lot of very low calorie diets. After joining simplyweight, i was found to have night eating syndrome. The support I got from all the experst is amazing. I have got over craving for carbs and have started to lose weight even though I am not on any diet. Thanks to the whole team of simplyweight for sorting my life out.

Irfaan Shaikh, Yorkshire


Sorting hunger pattern helps lose weight

simply weight offers a truly unique weight loss service that I haven’t experienced in any of the other programmes I have tried. I really did feel like my programme was suitable for me and I never expected such personal attention online from medical staff. They did not tell me to just eat less but helped me to understand my problem and how to rectify iy. I now do not eat so much the evenings as I have undersatood my hunger pattern 

Howard, London


Simactiv has taught me how to exercise...

The programme has been very helpful. Simaktiv has taught me how to exercise even with health problems. Sim portion has taught me about portion control and food labelling. Simhappy sessions have made me very confident and relaxed. Access to the team running the programme has been very easy. 

Dorothy, Leeds


I've saved a fortune

I have spent hundreds (maybe even thousands) on weight loss products, programmes, diets and supplements. With simplyweight I've saved a fortune!

Sam, Cheshire


Learning about simportion is a real eye opener

Learning about simportion is a real eye opener. Simhappy classes have been excellent and very interactive. The whole programme has been fantastic. Thank you. 

Faye Birmingham


Simportion helped me understand about food

Simportion helped me understand about food and the balance pay off with increased exercise. Great programme with mix of exercise, dietician, medical and psychological input. 

Jackie D, Hull


Thank-you simplyweight

Thank-you simplyweight, you have changed my life



Truly unique weight loss service

simply weight offers a truly unique weight loss service that I haven’t experienced in any of the other programmes I have tried. I really did feel like my programme  was suitable for  me and I never expected such personal attention online from medical staff

Howard L, London


Team went out of their way to help me

The team are extremely friendly, sincere and went out of their way to help me whenever I needed it. Not to mention I lost over 2 stone in just 3 months* on this programme! 

Jenny, Bradford


I'm now a really confident lady

It’s a very comprehensive programme which tackles all the major battles people face when trying to lose weight. I have lost 7kg* so far and have gone from being a shy women to a really confident lady

Leah, Surrey


It is like having your own personal trainer

Excellent workouts and motivational videos! It’s like having your own personal trainer and life coach on your screen! 

Asha, Mumbai


Managed to reduce my insulin dosage enormously

Managed to reduce my insulin dosage enormously in the last 3 months* following the diabesity programme so I am very pleased.

David, Leeds


Thanks sooo much

Thanks sooo much

Sarah, London


For anyone who has already tried many diets and failed

I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who has already tried many pointless diets and failed. This programme has everything you could possibly need to help you lose weight and a great team to support you through it.

Richard, London


simhappy motivational videos keep your spirits up

I’ve received so many compliments from friends and family not just on my weight loss but my new found confidence and self-esteem. simhappy motivational videos are extremely helpful in keeping your spirits up. I’ve found the time management videos have even helped me at the office!

D. Henderson, Leicester


I now have the energy and health to be doing things

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me change my life and get out of this diet cycle. I now have the energy and health to be doing things I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing last year!

Julie, Dubai


Eat whatever you want and have a great social life too

I would recommend to ANYONE considering losing weight but still wants to eat whatever they want and have a great social life 

Donna, Birmingham


I wasted thousands of pounds on diets and supplements

It’s a pity that the simplyweight programme wasn’t available 10 years ago or I would not have wasted thousands of pounds on diets and supplements

Katherine, Cardiff


The team addressed the individual medical issues I have

I feel 100% confident that simplyweight specialists will address my medical problems*. They are a team who not only have experience in helping people lose and maintain weight but also address the individual medical issues I have. My diabetes is already getting better and I am using less insulin whilst losing weight

Matt, Bristol


The simplyweight website is perfect for my needs

Never before has so much medical information on weight loss freely provided on the internet. It’s so easy to understand and engage with. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight or be healthy! I feel the simplyweight website is perfect for my needs. Lot of other weight related websites target people who have a few pounds to lose and it is difficult for me to interact with them. Both the specialists and other users understand the situation I am in and are very friendly and helpful

Salim, Preston


You can ditch calorie counting once and for all

At last I don’t need to be worried about calories and still lose weight. I soon lose the motivation to search for the food I have eaten from the large database and enter it daily. Also I find the cooked food and food prepared from my local restaurants is completely different from the foods listed in most websites. At simplyweight I have learnt to eat wherever I want and still understand how much is right for me. Seriously, you can ditch calorie counting once and for all!

Philippa, London


I can eat what I want, when I want

For the first time I get up in the morning not worrying about food or what I can eat on my diet. I can eat what I want, when I want. I don’t need to buy any food supplements or packaged food yet I now lead a normal and happy life...whilst losing the weight

Gowri, Chennai


Personalised programme designed for me

I found simplyweight’s customer service to be excellent. I got a personalised programme designed specifically for me as I do not eat meat, fish or eggs. I strongly recommend simplyweight to anyone who has been through various diets and weight loss programmes with little long term success

Shahid, Huddersfield


I could not complete the whole prayer due to my weight

I have had several problems including prediabetes, hypertension and swelling both legs. Due to the swelling of both legs I was advised by doctors to wear stockings. This has caused several issues. Due to my weight I find it very difficult to take my stockings off every time I go for Namaz(prayer) in the Mosque. I also could only do a small part of the whole prayer and always felt guilty that I could not complete the whole prayer due to my weight. Also I go to mosque 5 times and every time I have to take the stocking and put it back on. Now with the help of this weight management programme, I am fit and have lost about 4 stone*. I can easily walk a few miles but i am very happy that I do not have to wear stockings any more. So I go happily and complete my full prayers. I am physically and mentally very happy. Thank you very much

S.Mullah Yorkshire


Thank-you simplyweight!

I can't believe how much better I feel! I have managed to come off 2 of my diabetes medications and have reduced a third*. I am happier, healthier and am continuing to maintain my weight!

Emma, Wakefield


Simhappy has been great to get the right mindset

Simhappy has been great to get the right mindset to achieve success in this programme.  Great medical advice and support by doctor, dietician and physiotherapist. 

Betty H, London