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Welcome to the first exclusive, comprehensive online specialist weight management programme personalised to your needs.

Why are we different?

We are a specialist team of Consultant Physicians, Specialist Dieticians, Bariatric Surgeons, Clinical Psychologists, Obesity Physiotherapists, Expert Patients and Fitness Experts. Our combined experience in weight management runs into hundreds of years. We are heavily involved in research and direct patient care. We provide comprehensive care with the aim of helping you lose weight and maintain it for life without surgery.

Most weight loss plans are either provided by people who have lost weight, by a or a company, which produces meal replacement food products – we do not believe these work on their own.

We provide you medical and psychological support through webinars, forum and our website. The whole programme designed by experts is personalised to your needs with long-term support. Our expert team have designed an innovative registration form, which provides us with all the details we need to tailor a programme for you. Once we have had your details we provide you continued support, which is personalised through various support structures built into the online programme.

We are helping people who have a variety of weight related problems like diabetes. PCOS, infertility, arthritis, sleep apnoea, hypertension, low self-esteem, under confidence etc.



What is the 100-Day programme?

The 100-Day programme is a specialist weight management programme designed for people who prefer to have a personalised online experience to suit their needs. The amount of information provided is extensive, which you will not be able to get anywhere else.

Weight gain occurs due to number of reasons and the information we provide can help you with healthy eating, overcoming abnormal hunger, improving activity, addressing psychological issues and any hormonal problems.

This programme will help you lose weight and achieve your goals provided you follow advice given by our experts via videos, podcasts, webinars, social media and forums with world-leading specialists.

The 100-Day programme will give you access to:

1.  Dedicated advice through videos, articles

2.  Daily review of your physical activities and food

3.  Daily help with improving hunger pattern and body

4.  Help with planning holidays, parties, weekends and socialising

5.  Online support from medical experts on your medical

6.  Help from people who have lost weight (expert patients)

7.  Psychology support, when you are low in

8.  Support with emotional eating, craving, confidence and self

Finally and most importantly you will feel that there is always someone to help you. At the same time there is no pressure to reach your target weight. You will be able to achieve your goal successfully at your own pace.


Once you have registered to the simplyweight 100-Day programme, you will be provided with an online platform where you can access our revolutionary weight loss programme designed by a team of world-class experts.

Your dash board or simpodium on your online platform will provide you access to from our experts on 3 different categories:

  •  simportion
  •  simaktiv
  •  simhappy


simportion is an innovative tool designed by our experts to help you with your daily food intake.

We will guide you to eat healthily without having to give up everything you like. This is not a diet based on calories however if you do wish to look into your calories, you will be supported. You will have access to a range of recipes specifically for people with diabetes.

What is so special about simportions? This whole concept is based on portions!

Using the information you provide during the registration process, our expert team will allot a specific portion of the food you like and you will be continuously monitored for 100 days. The food that we suggest will aid your weight management while considering your specific personal goals. You will be provided support with overcoming craving and inappropriate hunger.



simaktiv is an activity section that will guide you to do exercise to help you to lose weight. The activity plan we provide is bespoke for your needs.

Increasing activity and not just exercise is key to losing weight!

If you need support, we are here for you. You can find support on your online platform or reach out to us on forums and social media.

People who struggle to be active due to medical conditions or whose mobility is poor due to backache or arthritis will also have dedicated videos which will help improve your muscle mass and metabolism.



This is the most important section, where in you will get help to overcome emotional eating,craving and guilt. You will find that your body image has improved and you have become more confident. In addition, your motivation will be boosted continuously during the programme through inspiring imagery, motivational videos and goal setting.

In this novel section of simplyweight, all your underlying psychological issues are addressed. Follow the simhappy system and get to the weight and body size you have always wanted to achieve.

Most people do not understand the relationship between sleep, hunger and body Sleep deprivation can increase weight gain and also research shows that it can also increase the symptoms of diabetes.



The Maintenance Programme

The most difficult aspect of weight management is maintaining the weight

After successful completion of the 100-Day programme you will be provided with an option to join our maintenance programme. A dedicated plan will be provided to maintain the weight you have lost or to support you in achieving your target weight. Our experts will support you through your weight loss journey. Options for life long.

simplyweight Elite

simplyweight Elite is an exclusive 100-day programme for people who need extra support. You will have your own dedicated team to take you through the 100 days and you will have prioritised access to our expert.

Please note that only a limited number of people will be accepted to this programme. Please click here  for more information

Success Stories * (Please see below for our disclaimer)

This is life changing. Continuous support and motivation you provided is extra ordinary

Mr Cawthorne, Yorkshire

At last I am on a programme, where there is no restriction of type of food, I know how much to eat and when to eat. I am in total control. I do not need to think about food all the time, like I used to when I was dieting

Ms Kathy Palmer

Being part of the group with people with similar problems to mine helps me feel at home, Simplyweight team are very caring and considerate of my needs, I now lead a normal life without thinking about food. For the first time I have not asked for extension seat belt while on a flight I strongly recommend this programme to any one planning to lose weight and be healthy

M.Pickering, Birmingham

I have been through several diets and meal replacements to lose weight in the last 15 years, I always lose some weight and put it back and have never felt energetic. After meeting simplyweight team, I have had a full package of care. The experts found I had low testosterone and that is why I was struggling with weight. Now I have lost 2 stones* and also I am very active and sleep is good. I am very happy and confident now. I sincerely thanks the simplyweight team

Mark U.K

Most reassuring for me is the continued support you are providing, together we are setting very realistic goals and it now most certainly feels I am able to achieve my weight loss target without gastric urgery and I have developed increased confidence around maintaining my weight in the longer term. Thank you hardly seems enough to express my gratitude for helping me realise my weight loss dream

Ms Freeman, Coventry

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