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What happens at our clinics?

simplyweight run multiple clinics across the country where we conduct our initial consultations and start changing lives. Our primary clinic is the London Obesity Clinic based at 10, Harley Street, London.

At your initial consultation, we will get to know about your background, weight loss requirements and weight related medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnoea, hypertension, polycystic ovary, infertility or sexual dysfunction. You will be thoroughly assessed from a medical perspective so that a personalised weight loss plan can be designed according to your needs. Our expert team will not only help you lose weight about also enable you to manage any weight related medical conditions.

Our medical weight loss plans are designed for people who have a weight problem and have tried several diets and meal plans. Diets and most commercial weight loss programmes result in weight loss but invariably are followed by weight regain.

98% of dieters fail to lose weight in the long run and many of these people may regain more weight than they have lost. Most weight loss programmes do not address the underlying medical and psychological problems.

Our team of experts include Bariatric Physicians, Endocrinologists, Specialist Dietitians, Specialist Physiotherapists, Clinical Psychologists and Image Consultants. You will receive support from our specialists according to your needs.


Our Programmes

So you’ve had your consultation, assessment and now you want to start your journey towards better physical and mental health. We support you through a wide range of programmes focussing on different aspects of weight management. Your programme will be entirely unique and tailored to your individual needs. Please see below for a list of what we currently offer:

  • Specialist Adult Weight Management Programme
  • Diabesity: Diabetes & Weight Management
  • Specialist Weight Management for Men
  • Sex & Obesity
  • Menopause & Weight Loss

Success Stories

“At 24 stones suffering from Diabetes Type 2, high cholesterol and leaking kidneys. I was throwing my life away, until I got the stern wake up call from Dr Raj. At my regular check up appointment with Dr Raj, I was told if I don’t change my lifestyle this could lead to more severe health problems.”

“My daily life started to change next morning. I started with small activities such as going up and down stairs, going in to the garden and even going for small walks for 5 to 10 minutes. After a few months I started to feel and see things differently and my weight was on a decline. At this stage this gave me the encouragement to increase my activities to 1 or 2 miles a day, and this kept on increasing and my desire to lose weight went on. During the change the most important factor was to control how and what I was eating. I was a food lover and this was no longer the case. My daily intake of calories being 4000 calories a day reduced to ranging from 1500 to 1700 calories a day and also continuing to burn calories that I used to love, such as fizzy drinks, chocolates, sweets and not forgetting junk food and snacking.”

“I am a 29 year old female; I decided 4 years ago to change my life for the better. I was tired of waking up every morning feeling miserable about my weight and I felt so sad like I had nothing to live for my weight was creeping up and I hated it I hated how I looked so I ate to feel better although then I didn’t know I was making it worse.

I decided to go see my doctor who then referred me to Dr Raj who helped me in the right direction to change my life. Yes granted I had bumps along the way and thought at times I can’t do this but I kept on fighting. I now wake up with a smile on my face and look at my daughter who is my means of life and I’m thankful for the help and support in showing me where I was going wrong. I now look to a bright and happy Life”


Our Locations

Please see below for a list of locations where we run simplyweight sessions. Additional locations will be added as we continue expanding.

1. Bradford

Address : Kenburgh House, Manor Row, BD1 4QL


Phone Number : 01274 739039


Clinic website:



2. London (Harley Street)

Address : 10 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 9PF


Phone Number : 020 7467 8301


Clinic website: