Our Mission

To heal the world of weight-related disease,

one individual at a time,

by placing wellness overweight.

It all began with a flurry of misinformation, fad diet trends and a storm of weight loss plans that all promised something revolutionary but instead recycled the same old stuff with little fresh insight or substance. Our lead bariatric physician, Dr.Raj, had already helped thousands of patients overcome obesity and it’s related conditions like Type 2 Diabetes. He understood the uphill struggle patients face after years of yo-yo dieting and metabolic damage. But why did weight seem to slide off for some people but put up a fight in others?
Was it simply due to not calorie counting, or not getting enough exercise, or psychological and emotional issues, was it due to a medical condition, or was it a result of poor understanding of our own bodies and our hunger patterns. The answer was yes, to all.
Obesity is an extremely complex condition with numerous interchanging parts that science is still trying to figure out. Sometimes obesity is a mere symptom of an underlying and potentially serious disease. At other times it can be a result of abnormal hormone function which could be undone with the right medication or even lifestyle changes alone.

What became clear was that the same advice won’t work for everyone and people really struggling with their weight deserved more than “eat less, move more.” For each person who has a weight problem, there are just as many unique solutions. We needed to be teaching people how to understand their own bodies and minds. We wanted to help people truly understand hunger, a word that takes on an entirely different meaning depending on which hemisphere you’re in. Most importantly, we wanted to liberate people from the shackles of shame, failure, guilt, low self-esteem, fear and other invisible afflictions that weight gain brings.

Dr.Raj decided to take his practical medical experience and translate it into a truly valuable product that can be accessible to many people all over the world. As a self-funded family business, the past few years has been colourful, to say the least. With each attempt, we got closer and closer to actualising our vision for Simplyweight and the people we serve.

The road ahead is long but we can choose to enjoy the journey.